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Einige Produkte der Linie GETTING SKIN READY® der Kosmetikfirma ZO Skin Helath werden vor grauem Hintergrund gezeigt. Die PRodukte spiegeln sich am Untergrund


ZO® Skin Health

Beyond facial skincare

Healthy skin starts with the basics. Restore your skin to its healthiest, most balanced state for a clear complexion regardless of skin type.

The line Getting Skin Ready ZO Skin Health is an important component of the medical cosmetics brand. This line was developed to optimally prepare the skin for subsequent treatment and to promote healthy skin.

The ZO Getting Skin Ready line consists of three simple stepswhich should be done daily to keep the skin healthy clean, to exfoliate and to tonify. These steps are crucial for clearing the skin of impurities, removing dead skin cells and improving skin texture.