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The megatrends in skin care - sustainability, skin cycling and emotional beauty - BIOME+

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Megatrend sustainability in skin care
Megatrend sustainability in skin care

With so many new and unique trends emerging on a regular basis, it's difficult to keep track of them all. We have listed the most booming trends in a row for you.

Do you focus on eco-friendly skin care products? Or do you want to improve the health and beauty of your skin?

Sustainable skin care is popular

Skincare companies know that customers want more than just great skin-feel. Today's well-informed consumer also wants to feel good about environmental choices. Therefore, sustainable skin care will play a major role in some of the hottest trends in the future!

Sustainable skincare focuses on a model that has the most positive impact on the environment. For example, redundant packaging and the lack of recyclability are a major problem that many companies are trying to solve.

Businesses will use less single-use plastic in the future. Instead, they rely on fully recyclable and reusable materials.

McKinsey and Company conducted a public all-ages survey on sustainability. More than 66% of respondents indicated that sustainability is an important factor when purchasing products. A second survey aimed at millennials found that 75% of them are environmentally conscious. This is high on their list of concerns.

So use reusable packaging like glass bottles, glass tumblers, and lotion bottles. In this way, both companies and consumers contribute to sustainable skin care. Even if the product is changed, you can clean the container with a 2% bleach solution. This ensures cleanliness.

Recyclable packaging will also become more and more of a trend in the future. Glass and metal are easy to recycle and reuse. Some forms of plastic can also be recycled.

If you buy products in plastic packaging, look for a label on the bottom of the container. It can be PETE, HDPE or PET plastic. All of these plastics are highly recyclable.

BIOME+ by IMAGE Skincare

With this in mind, MAGE Skincare launched the new sustainable BIOME+ line.

The IMAGE Skincare collection was launched in partnership with 1% For The Planet. The new eco-friendly collection is designed to protect the skin's microbiome and ward off visible signs of stress

BIOME+ is a harmonious collection aimed at respecting and strengthening the skin barrier. BIOME+ is manufactured in a LEED certified facility. It contains ingredients of natural origin such as clinical adaptogens and squalane from sugar cane. BIOME+ nourishes, comforts and brightens skin without disturbing its natural state.

Trying out Skin Cycling

Another trend you're seeing more and more is skin cycling. This term was originally coined by New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe MD. The concept has been around for some time. The term is new. It is being used more and more in the skin care and beauty world.

Skin cycling means you use your products alternately on different days, including rest days. Our brains and bodies need sleep and rest to function well. Our skin also benefits from rest days.

Schedule a "rest day" once or twice a week. No skin care products will be applied on this day. On the other days apply the products daily or twice a day.

Skin Cycling - break for your skin
Skin Cycling - break for your skin

This helps:

  • your bare skin to produce natural oils

  • Recover from a rough scrub the day before

  • avoid the risk of irritation and inflammation from repeated use of certain products

Choose your favorite exfoliant to begin a skin cycle protocol. Choose a topical retinoid. Choose a fragrance-free moisturizer. Dermatologists recommend a classic skin cycle of four nights.

On the first day, use your scrub at night before bed. On the second day, use your retinoid around the same time in the evening before bed.

On the third night, apply your moisturizer. The fourth night is a rest night with no products. Repeat the process or schedule another cycle with your dermatologist. Find out what works best for you.

Embrace your emotional beauty

Emotional beauty is a trendy term that will be on everyone's lips in the future. It was a tough time for the people. We know that anxiety and stress can impact the way skin looks and feels. It can also lead to a feeling of being burned out.

Emotional beauty focuses on inner emotional balance. It's about how the body's natural regulatory system is used. When you feel good, you become more aware of your body. Then you can begin to improve your physical and emotional beauty.

Emotional beauty as a fundamental basis
Emotional beauty as a fundamental basis

Emotional beauty is a term. It relates to how you achieve mental clarity. Also on inner harmony between your mind and your body.

You can meditate or not. There are ways to stay emotionally beautiful. These routes are valid all year round.

Enjoy microbiome-friendly skin care

The next trend idea involves microbiome-friendly skincare. We know that this term can be unfamiliar. We had to do our own research.

Your skin has a natural biome. It contains helpful bacteria, viruses and fungi. Similar to the biome of your gut, it is responsible for gut health.

When this biome is out of balance, acne and other blemishes can appear on the skin. Focus on a microbiome-friendly skincare routine. This pays attention to the natural biome of your skin. This is how you try to prevent acne breakouts and blemishes from developing.

The first key words you hear when exploring microbiome-friendly skincare are prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics.

Each term plays an important role in skin health. This includes the strength of the skin barrier. This is how you can keep your skin healthy in the long term.


Prebiotics are dietary supplements. They are intended for microorganisms and beneficial bacteria. These are part of the skin's natural microbiome. Ingredients such as oat extract or thermal water are well-known prebiotics that stimulate the growth of natural good bacteria.


Probiotics are microorganisms. They can be present on your skin and in your body. They are often associated with foods that support healthy digestion.

The microflora is microscopic. It works together with other microorganisms. This helps to positively change your skin's microbiome.


This is a by-product of probiotics. It's like a spice that turns a good soup into a great one. These bacterial products are not viable.

They increase the activity of microorganisms in the natural microbiome of the skin. This encourages the growth of good bacteria. At the same time, the growth of bad bacteria is restricted.

Even though they can be used individually, this trio of biotics creates a healthy space for beneficial microorganisms to grow.

In short, the prebiotics can be compared to a flower bed with a perfect mix of soil and fertilizer. The probiotics are the seeds and plants that you should best grow. And the postbiotics are the end result of nurturing.

Article by IMAGE Skincare; Written by Antonella Uribe

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